Executive Coaching

“Sandy used 360 feedback and a detailed questionnaire to help me clarify my goals. We then used this to outline what I wanted to see achieved, and made steady progress toward achieving those goals. She helped me periodically assess our progress, not hesitating to change direction when warranted. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandy to anyone looking for coaching.”   Client, Fortune 50 company

15396529_sCoaching helps executives become more effective leaders in their careers and lives. Sometimes leaders are isolated from specific feedback, making it difficult for them to develop and improve their behavior. Effective coaching helps executives understand that how they think, behave, and interact with others are the keys to unlocking leadership that inspires individual and organizational performance.

Executive coaching can help leaders …

  • Gain insight into what is important to them, their values and passions, and what they want to create in their lives and careers
  • Adapt their leadership styles through self-knowledge and awareness of their behavior and the needs of those around them
  • Recognize and take responsibility for disconnects between what they intend and what others perceive
  • Develop the higher levels of openness that lead to more powerful relationships
  • Understand and overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching personal and organizational goals

Our four-phase process creates clarity of outcomes and drives results

Phase I Discovery Interview & Outcomes Discussion
Phase II Assessment & Leadership Circle Profile Administration
Phase III Development Planning & Ongoing Coaching Sessions
Phase IV Final Integration

Team Coaching   Individual Coaching & Group Workshops

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